Designer's Showcase

The artists shown on these pages were featured in the Designer Showcase section of Woodturning Design magazine.
If you would like to have your work considered, see the Designer Showcase Submission Guidelines.

   2014 Issues
Joe LeGrand Bowl
Bill Wyko
August 2014
Jim Syvertsen
June 2014
Pat & Peggy Bookey
April 2014
Joe LeGrand
February 2014
   2013 Issues
Ken Wraight
December 2013
Vinny Luciano
October 2013
Richard Kennedy
August 2013
Keith Larrett
June 2013
Paula Haymond
April 2013
Graeme McIntyre
February 2013
   2012 Issues      
Steve Kennard
December 2012
Keith Burns
October 2012
Richard Hines
August 2012
Craig Kirks
June 2012
dennis fuge    
David DeCristoforo
April 2012
Dennis Fuge
February 2012

   2011 Issues      
Wes Jones Keith Maile John Mydock

Wes Jones
December 2011

Keith Maile
October 2011
John Mydock
August 2011
Alan Carter
June 2011
Michael Gibson Redpiece Big LEaf Burl Lidden Dish  
Michael Gibson
April 2011
Steve Sherman
February 2011
John Keeton
Winter 2011

   2010 Issues      
Ginger Jar Suspended Vessel Jim Shaver's Pens Mike Fosters Skyptons
G. Wesley Henry
Winter 2010
Jim Vogel
Spring 2010
Jim Shaver
Summer 2010
Mike Foster
Fall 2010

   2009 Issues      
steve finch vase piece by Doug Fisher project photo here Buckeye Vase
Steve "Spike" Finch
Winter 2009
Doug Fisher
Spring 2009
Terry Scott
Summer 2009
Gary Ljostad
Fall 2009

   2008 Issues      
sweet gum pod Walnut Blossom howard's bowl
William Smith
Winter 2008
Ed Koenig
Spring 2008
Ed Kelle
Summer 2008
Howard Miller
Fall 2008

   2007 Issues
fuego by Chris Wright Lew-Maple Vase with Walnut Grapes andLeaves Natural-Edged Ambrosia Maple
Chris Wright
Winter 2007
Larry Lew
Spring 2007
Nicola Aloisio
Summer 2007
Carole Valentine
Fall 2007

   2006 Issues
ze bowl box elder burl goblet hopi bowl kauder bowl
Glenn Marceil
Fall 2006
Brandon Mackie
Summer 2006
Jennifer Shirley
Spring 2006
Mark Kauder
Winter 2006

   2005 Issues
the hunt mesquite vessel reilly zebrano
Molly Winton
Fall 2005
Lynne Yamaguchi
Summer 2005
Pam Reilly
Spring 2005
Wally Dickerman
Winter 2005
gnome hut      
Scott Roberts
Winter 2005

   2004 Issues
penrod souter heipe obrien
John Penrod
Fall 2004
Michael Souter
Fall 2004
King Heiple
Summer 2004
Patrick O'Brien
Summer 2004
black walnut bowl black oak    
Joe Smith
Spring 2004
George Raeder
Spring 2004